Running and fireworks?

So today has been a mixture of successes and some epic failures.

So I was awoken at 4am this morning but my youngest, he is the living carnation of the lucifer at this stage of life aka the terrible twos. 

I try everything to get him back to sleep, cuddles, snuggles and eventually bribery- so by 6am when he is asleep I’m so awake I need to escape! 

Therefore I went for a run (I would have done yoga but so far I have recovered I’m not flexible enough not have the discipline for such activities). I used this app my partner advised was fantastic, Zombies!run.

Well that app gave my heart palpitations as every 5 minutes in the middle of a lady gaga power Ballard it would scream at me “your about to be eaten- run faster” but I did however manage to cut some time of my average pace… so pros and cons.

When arriving home from my zombie experience I walked into my own war zone as apparently my partner was still asleep but the kids had both come down and built dens! Why?? Why?! My dear neighbours must think I’m running a child theme park with the noise, toys and dramas that waltz out of front door- all before 9am! Also discovered bribing youngest child doesn’t work as he didn’t sleep… again!

So out came a dozen Eggs and every left over in my fridge imaginable to make some form of breakfast to calm the hoard! My eldest ended up with pepper, onion and turkey bacon omelette with spaghetti hoops.. not exactly a step wife creation! 

My partner then walks down, after having a full 8 hours sleep to ask for breakfast. If looks could kill he would be 6ft under.. he got the hint to walk away , as I was still juggling cooked breakfast, 2 kids and getting all the rugby gear together! 

By 8:05 I then left for my sanctuary… work!! It’s a child fee zone! (Small victories) and remained there in a state of harmony till arrived home to bonfire night preparations! 

So I wished myself luck, because with zombies and fireworks combined with two years olds and heards of rugby adolescents, I was gonna need a lorry full of sanity to get to 7pm show!

….. fireworks went well- kids so tired from the sheer excitement of explosives that they fell asleep in the car home, a rare thing indeed!

So now enjoying malteasers; and silence! 

Firework tree

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